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The land selection and development services at Stillwater Development provide you with specialists who can assist you in finding the right land for your residential projects across the Carolinas. With over 29 years of combined experience, our team can manage your projects from land selection and acquisition to lot delivery or at any point in between. We have a holistic understanding of engineering and how it ties into the development and construction phases matching what the client needs with what we’re asking the contractors to do. Whether you are a home builder, a developer, looking to invest in land, or selling a tract of land, we can help!

Land Selection & Acquisition

Land selection and acquisition lay the foundation for your development projects. Securing the right piece of land is crucial for the success of your project. Stillwater Development's services offer you first-in-class results, making it a win-win for all. We manage, direct, and complete your land selection and acquisition request, handling the complexities involved, including buyer and seller negotiations, and contracting, drafting and review so you don't have to.

Entitlements & Permitting

Entitlements and permitting for your project, a necessary part of the process, maximizes the value of your property and shortens your project’s timeline. Adding value via entitlements and permitting is at the core of what we do. Our project history and pipeline consists of 6,000+ residential lots including single-family homes, townhomes, and multi-family homes as well as industrial, commercial, mixed-use, and master-planned communities. Our sites vary in size ranging from 10 - 1,800+ acres. We actively evaluate the full span of product types (residential, commercial, industrial) given our entitlement capabilities and deep network of buyers.


To enhance our services, our partner company, Stillwater Engineers , offers a relationship-centric on-site team fully committed to providing value to developers and residential home builders. Their engineering team has a more holistic understanding of engineering and how it ties into the development and construction phases. This results in a more efficient and cost-effective turn-key service from start to finish.

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Land Development Solutions

Land development solutions at Stillwater include assisting with or complete management of, engineering coordination, negotiating with contractors, construction management, budget management and more, ensuring your projects are completed on time and within budget.

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